Friday, September 16, 2011

This week I talked with Grace´s aunt.

The good news is she says a visit from her Miskito mom is in the very near future... I PRAY it is true!

While I was talking with her I was trying to get as many details of Grace´s Miskito family as I could. One thing I ask was what does her name mean. On her birth certificate that her grandfather had made it says Grace Sinai (even though I left a note Grace Lujon) So I wanted to know what Sinai ment since I saw it all over the place when we were on vacation. She tells me I dont know it is somewhere in the Bible I think.
So it clicked Mount Sinai.

That is where the ¨covenant¨ relationship began.

So her name is Grace ( the new covenant) and  Sinai ( the old covenant)

I thought it was pretty cool so her name is now Grace Sinai. The way that the Lord intended it to be!

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