Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our week in pictures

This past week and a half has been a busy but great time for us.
 So many exciting new experiences.
 I have too many great pictures to not share
 I apologize for this picture overload!

We had a group from Mississippi visit the Kasaubila Feeding Program.

We went on an outreach day to the village of Palkaka with Reach Out Honduras.
We prayed with families, delivered hygiene bags, and gave out worm treatments.

We joined Reach Out Honduras for a food distribution and prayed with families.

We had a group from Texas visit the Kasaubilia Feeding Program.

We had an impromptu baptism night.

Foto: Praying with Arnol about salvation!

Daniel Paul was dedicated at church.

Our boxes of donations I packed while in Alabama finally arrived.

We went with a family to a nearby village called Laka and distributed school supplies and saw the medical clinic.

This 170 students go to school in this classroom. 1st-9th grade

This clinic serves 14 villages and does not have any medicine.
 The people came waiting thinking we would have medicine.

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