Wednesday, June 6, 2012

siblings and hair

Sweet brother and sister playing in their house.

As for brother and sister:

Be praying these next few weeks as we start the process to get Daniel Paul a birth certificate.
And moving from a temporary custody agreement to a forever family!

Be praying for the Lord to touch the heart of the judge.

In between offices and waiting and all that comes along with doing things legal here...

I have a friend teaching me some hair styles for Grace
Here is attempt one
Don't judge the uneven parts.
I am learning!

Since we are talking hair

Daniel Paul got his first hair cut today.
I know he had like a 16th of an inch of hair. Why did he need a haircut?
Well he has this habit of rubbing his head back and forward as he falls asleep.
Which left a nice LARGE bald spot on the back of his head.
I think he still looks mighty handsome.

1 comment:

  1. We will be praying for a favorable outcome with Daniel Paul's birth certificate and legally becoming a part of your forever family.
    Looks as if you did a superb job on Grace's hair! D.P.'s looks precious too! I know you're a proud mama!
    Prayers and love!