Thursday, June 21, 2012


This month the kids are memorizing Luke 18:27
 "What is impossible with man is possible for God."

When I think about that I seriously just sit here in awe.
really in awe.

If anyone would have told me as a 20 year old girl that within a year l would be living in a  3rd world country and torn between motherhood and finishing school.
I would have said IMPOSSIBLE.
But with the Lord all things are possible.

I look at these children’s faces.
I look into the eyes of a little boy who really gets it. I see a fire in his heart for the Lord that can set all of La Moskitia on fire.
Some say IMPOSSIBLE a little boy who can’t afford school could change La Moskitia.
 I say with God all things are POSSIBLE.

This month 2 other missionary couples brought a team to the Kasaubila Feeding Program for their outreach day.  The kids were so surprised( I did not tell them before) when a big group of gringos showed up not once but twice.
If a few months ago if someone would have told these kids because of Jesus some Americans are going to come and visit you. That because of Jesus a little girl named Riley would ask for all gifts from her birthday to go to kids in Honduras so they would have toys to play with.
They would have said IMPOSSIBLE.
But because of Jesus these kids have sponsors in the States and they have toys to play with.

The majority of the kids in our program live in or have been approved to receive Habitat for Humanity houses.
A few short months ago these same kids dreamed their biggest dreams to have a house. A house that did not fill with water when it rained. They dreamed to have a house they could leave for a few hours without fear that everything they owned would be gone when they returned.
Some might say IMPOSSIBLE especially in this economy that an organization would build 40 homes in LA MOSKITIA.

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