Sunday, June 10, 2012


With "summer"(it is always summer here) come
and lots
of friends I would consider family.
I met most of these friends while living at the House of Hope.
Most of them come back  once a year to volunteer at House of Hope.
 Even though I have spent no more than 3 weeks with any of them we share a deep bond that feels like lifetimes of friendship.

Summer with friends brings:
boat trips to villages to deliver school supplies
Evangelism Outreach Adventure day walking through outlying villages
Worship, Bible Studies, Fellowship IN ENGLISH
A group spending a Saturday with the Feeding Program Kids
A trip to serve with my home church at Forgotten Children's Ministries in the city
LOTS OF SWIMMING and vasitos( frozen milk)!

Here are some pictures from this weekend taken by my awesome neighbor Laura!
We went to the beach for her son Aidan's 12th birthday.
In case I have not told y'all enough- I am so thankful for the Waits family
(check them out for yourself I promise you will love them as much as I do)

This was Daniel Paul's first time to go swimming.
Daniel Paul loved playing at the edge of the water in the sand.
After about an hour he was worn out and took a nice long nap in the hammock.
Grace my little water bug swam not stop for 3 hours.

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