Saturday, May 21, 2011

I came here thinking this was going to be an easy move. I had the apartment. I brought stuff down in January and packed it up and left it here for us. I sent down some of the other stuff we would need on a container.

Well first thing I found out was the apartment got rented to someone else. Which actually a blessing in disguise because my Honduras family had been praying it would not work out it was just too close to everything going on with the Narcos. So its 8 and I am here with my bags and Grace and we have no where to go. So we go to the house of hope and line up 2 other options to look at. About 12 we go to look at the first apartment it is in the downstairs of a house and the director of the hospital lives upstairs. Its so much bigger than the other apartment and it has seperate rooms a little din a kitchen a bedroom and a bathroom PERFECT oh and a yard! Well she tells me it wont be done until July. That doesn´t work we needed something that day. So I tell her I am going to look for something temporary and rent from her when it is finished.

So off to the second and last option. This was kinda of like if you let me rent it I will take it kinda of deal. It is really close to a missionary family that I am friends with I can actually yell out my back window to them if they are on their porch. A doctor here was wanting to start his own private hospital and it did not work out so he decided to make it apartments instead. They are still redoing them but he had a few ready so I picked one and we started the move! That was about 4 pm.

In the middle of moving Grace had a little bit of an upset stomach and well the clothes had to go. And I had nothing handy to put on her so she had to run around with just a diaper on for the rest of the day.
After we finished moving all my stuff in we went out to eat with my friend Kayla a volunteer at the house of hope  and 2 house of hope boys who were helping me move. Yep Grace went to like to nicest restruant in town with only a diaper on and she proceeded to dance in the middle of the floor catching everyones attention which only made it funnier.

About 7 Kayla dropped us off at the apartment and drives off in the mule. I am trying to get in the gate and I can´t do it so I walk over to my friends around the corner and Alex walks back over with me and he can´t do it either so we call the owner and turns out we have the wrong key. So about 7:30 we get in the apartment realize the power isn´t on a few minutes later the power guy shows up and turns it on!

Then I realize while unpacking some of my stuff has been repacked and is now all over Puerto Lempira. This was slightly frustrating but then I thought I just need to give it up. Odviously that was stuff I didn´t need or that the Lord is going to provide for us in another way.

I slept real good last night after all that!

All this to say I am really learning to let go and just go with the flow because it is not my plans but HIS!

So for an update on Grace-

She is so big and beautiful!! I can really tell a difference in her living with a family verse her living in the children´s home.

She is walking around and when she gets really excited she prances around on her toes.

She doesn´t say too much but she is soo smart. She understands english and is catching on to everything really fast. Yesterday while waiting to look at apartments I was working the milk program and we had to get a new box of rice and put it up in the cabinet she stacked them in the cabinet and then closed the door up. She just knew what to do from watching other people. She also wanted a drink so she walked over to the water filter got a cup and held it there.  I put hand santizer on everyones hands a dinner and she watched us all rub our hands together so when it was her turn she just rubbed her hands together like she does that every day.

She learned what hug and kiss ment this morning and she has been carrying around her stuffed animal hugging and kissing it all day.

If you tell her no she does what you tell her but she puts her hands over her eyes and pouts and won´t look at you. Also if she doesn´t want someone to hold her she will close her eyes and just prented they aren´t there.

 That is all my bragging for now! I am going to try and post pictures soon!

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