Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My friends from Latin America told me their stories this past week. Their stories of how the grew up, how they came to America, and where they wanna go next.

I sat there my heart breaking as I listened to two of them ( brothers) talked about how their mother died one when he was just and infant the other was two. They talked about how they lived with their father. Their father had to work on a farm for a few months out of every year so they were left alone. They said their were days when they ate and days when they didn't. They would go outside at night and cry and scream at their mom to come back asking her why she left them. They would go to her grave daily and cry and beg her to come back. At 8 the oldest one began trying to commit suicide. Their father remarried and the new wife did not accept the children. She would ask them to do things that she knew would be impossible for them to do and when they couldn't do it she would beat them. At 14 the oldest left home hoping to find "The American Dream." On his journey to The States he came to know Christ. The younger son left not long after he lived with an aunt in another country for a few years and then decided to follow his brother to The States.

The other guy grew up in a home where his parents participated in witch craft. At 4 he was given the job to take care of the sheep alone. He said even though he did have two parents they were poor and their were days he did not get to eat as well. He was beaten and ended up leaving home in search of anything else. Along the way he met the first brother traveling to The States. The first brother had just become a Christian and ended up sharing the Gospel with him. This is something he had NEVER heard since his family were not Christians and he to soon became a Christian.

The sad part about this is that this is not the life of 3 random guys, this is the life of MILLIONS OF CHILDREN IN EVERY COUNTRY ACROSS THE WORLD.

Here is the awesome part of the story...

They each when they became Christians each individually promised the LORD that if He would provide for them and teach them then they wanted their musical abilities to be used for HIM. These three guys now live together they are attending a music college and the Lord is teaching and providing for them in miraculous ways. Very soon they are going back to their country to bring Jesus Christ to their families and friends and nation. They also are going to start a band(not for fame) but to share Jesus with the nations. The Lord is already opening up doors for them in so many Latin American countries!

one of them said:
"Jesus uses people like me who have NOTHING to prove that He exists."

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