Thursday, May 19, 2011

the joy of 3rd world traveling

I am finally in HONDURAS!!!

Not in my city but I am just one plane ride away.

I am in awe of how much the Lord has already provided for me.´

I left the states with as much packed in every place I could pack. I wish you could all see a picture of me with everything, and one bag is a plastic bin that does not roll. All of this together weighes way more than I do and is about 4 times as big as me. I thought it wouldn´t be bad I wouldn´t have to carry anything too far. Well on my last flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Honduras I sat next to a guy from Honduras but he and his family live in Miami. And added  bonus he speaks English. We didn´t talk much because it was from 11 to 1 so we both slept. When we were getting off the plane we began to talk a little and turns out off all the hundreds of people on the plane we are the only 2 that are going to be taking the bus to the next city. So we got off the plane went through customs he was there to help drag my bags around and believe me I was a little proud to think I could do it alone. Then about 2 am we began our wait for the bus that was supposed to leave at 6 am. Within about 2 minutes we were both pouring sweat in the airport with no airconditioning so we decided to see if we could find another place in the airport to wait that might be a little cooler. We found a coffee shop in the food court that had 2 leather chairs that were comfortable and we could sleep for a little while. When I woke up I have no idea how this happened because all the times I have been in the airport  it has always been hot but I had chill bumps and I was cold. People started moving around at about 4 and a taxi driver came in and started asking us about where we were going. We told him we did not need a taxi we were taking the bus at 6. This is another way the Lord provided because well that bus didn´t leave from the airport it left from the central bus station. So he took us to the bus station to meet the bus!

Then I get to La Ceiba and find out it is Carnival apparently the biggest party in central america and it starts tonight. People come from all over even the states to come to this party and hotels are booked for months before. I didn´t book a hotel because I always use the same one and I jsut walk in they are never full. I have even become friends with the staff there. So I get out of the taxi I even tell him to wait incase they are full and I have to look for another hotel. I go in and ask the girl and she looks at her book and then says well we just had someone check out can you wait a few minutes while we clean it up for you.

I fly out early in the morning and I will be home and holding my baby girl before breakfast time!! I am so excited to finally get there. Thank you all for your prayers I will try and update this weekend or early next week.


  1. Very cool! I can't wait to hear more!

  2. Thanks so much for the update! Glad you're almost HOME!