Monday, May 9, 2011

My brother and his girlfriend Amanda are going to be traveling to Honduras to help out with Root Ministries and we have 2 projects that
we need your help to complete!!

Just in case this post is getting a little confusing  what we still need are the 70 bags, 4 sets of twin sheets, and a few towels!!

PROJECT #1= The Lord has provided for this!!

800 dollars to finish the addition to Elizabeth's house- 14 people are currently living in this one room. They have two beds but only one bed has a mattress on it. I haven't seen how they sleep at night but if I had to guess it is not the pleasant comfortable nights sleep that we are all so accustomed to.

Kevin and Amanda have decided to bless sweet Elizabeth and her family by finishing the addition of a bedroom to the right of her house to her house as well as making bunk beds and purchasing 4 new foam mattresses for the new bedroom. And if time allows redoing the kitchen which is what you see on the left of her house.

4 sets of twin sheets and a few towels  are still needed for this family (they can be used.)


you can purchase these items and drop them off or make a monetary donation and we purchase them. If anyone has access to bulk sale items that would be amazing!

70 bars of soap
70 tooth brushes
2 shampoos/2 conditioners
2 womens deodorant
70 toothpastes
70 men's deodorants
70 bags- these can be grocery store bags

We will be making hygiene bags for every prisoner and taking them to the prison one day during their visit. Any extra items will go to the family above!

If you would like to help please contact me.

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