Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life in La Moskitia

Mrs. Melissa if your reading this post is for you!  (she ask to see pictures)

Okay so here is the outside of our new apartment

yes this is the whole thing! and it will be cleaned up and 100% girly  complete with hot pink walls when we move in

the kitchen

 and the bathroom- we have a toilet

and a shower but no hot water

 This is the best place to swim it is also where our purified water comes from... its about a 30 minute drive from where we live

 This is the boat you take to go to other villages

 This is where we normally swim. The lagoon is one block from our apartment.

This is my church and my pastor

 And the airport and the little plane I take

These next few are just pictures around town

  And a few pictures of houses where Root Ministries will be working

This is inside one house. something like 12 people live here

one neighborhoods water source.

 This is the pier. Not only do you have your adrenaline going after you walk it but you realize how much you would never want the job of unloading the supply boats.

The hospital  

And last but not least THE SOCCER FIELD.

I will take some more pictures of different things to let everyone see more of the town once I get back.

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